Royal IHC temporarily reinforces Maritime brand of Dutch IMO

The technical staff of Royal IHC is temporarily deployed at the Maritime Systems Service (AMS) of the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization (DMO).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IHC currently has overcapacity in several departments and the temporary relocation will allow the company’s employees to continue to use their knowledge. For DMO, the extra capacity will be used advantageously on various maritime projects – a ‘win-win’ situation.

The temporary deployment of IHC employees within DMO has been made possible by the Maritime Capacity Alliance (MCA) and the HR ecosystem. The MCA is part of the Adaptive Armed Forces concept, which strives for flexible and sustainable cooperation between defense and the wider industry. A special recruitment desk of the HR ecosystem makes it possible to temporarily hire IHC employees.

IHC is a partner of the MCA and part of the HR ecosystem. The group of 20 IHC employees, who were deployed at the DMO’s AMS, is the first real exchange between the Dutch Defence and a commercial party within the framework of the MCA. The temporary appointment of employees of companies responds to the call from employers and the Lower House.  The collaboration between Royal IHC and DMO is in line with the government’s policy to make every effort to support companies in these difficult times.

“For IHC, participation in the MCA – and the secondment of our colleagues – is a great step towards our ambition to intensify cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Defence,” adds Royal IHC Director of Defence Louwrens op de Beek. “We are pleased that we can temporarily offer colleagues a different working environment in which they can share their knowledge, and at the same time, broaden their own horizons. When the situation is reversed in the future, we would look forward to welcoming colleagues from the DMO.”