Salvage of the NH90 helicopter

On July 19, 2020, an NH90 helicopter of the Defense Helicopter Command disappeared into the sea in the Caribbean. The aircraft was found at two locations through a search and survey. At the beginning of September, the tail artpiece and hull were recovered and the parts were transported by ship to the Netherlands via the port of Willemstad-CuraƧao. After arrival, the parts were transported by truck to Gilze-Rijen Air Base, where they arrived on 24 September. The Defense Security Inspectorate (IVD) uses the parts for further investigation into the circumstances of the crash.

This very rapid and professional recovery of the NH90 helicopter has been made possible by executing the plan as drawn up, optimal cooperation, knowledge sharing and mutual trust between the partners within the MCA.

” The Royal Netherlands Navy is not a specialist in salvage operations, apart form our salvage and construction divers. Therefor it was most useful to be able to co-operate with our partners of the Maritime Capacity Alliance”, a spokesman for the Dutch Navy told Janas (source: Janes, 2020) 

The multirole subsea construction vessel Volantis used a remotely operated vehicle to salvage remains of the NH90 helicopter lost recently in the Caribbean. (Dutch Ministry of Defence)