Stronger together

The Maritime Capacity Alliance is a group of partners that makes the Dutch Ministry of Defense no longer a customer, but an active partner in the collective. We reinforce each other, add value to each other, we develop knowledge, strength and skills together, and we also prepare ourselves through exercises for the unpredictable, each based on his/her specific expertise. The Business Case becomes a Value Case.

Our projects

NH-90 helicopter salvage

Civil-Military Technician Course

Royal IHC reinforces IMO with temporary personal

Why together?

Sharing knowledge

Educating, training, learning and gaining experience of each other's best practices and combining each other's distinctive qualities such as crane simulator training, technical management, soil investigation, leadership training.

More experience together

Jointly contributing to the sustainable development of a hybrid workforce for the maritime sector, recruit and retain personnel with the right competence and experience.

Sharing resources

Jointly and worldwide flexible access to resources such as a fleet with guaranteed and varied (sea) transport capacity, survey, diving, hydrographic and training vessels.


New website design!

The Maritime Capacity Alliance has launched a new webpage design! In the upcoming weeks we will further improve the design and information.  If you have…

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Our Address

Headoffice Maritime Capacity Alliance

Wilgenbos 2, 3311 JX Dordrecht 

The Netherlands